We are proud to welcome you to Giddings Middle School, an academically and athletically challenging home for 396 young Buffaloes and 45+ staff members.  In 2013-14, the students,  teachers,  and staff of Giddings  Middle School will continue to strive for excellence  in an  environment rich with expectations, character, tradition, and diversity.


6th & 7th Grade Math STAAR Test
Date: 4/22/2014, 8:05 AM 12:05 PM
Location: The 6th & 7th grades will take the Math STAAR Test today.
6th & 7th Grade Reading STAAR Test
Date: 4/23/2014, 8:05 AM 12:05 PM
Location: The 6th & 7th grades will be taking the Reading STAAR Test today.
8th Grade Social Studies STAAR Test
Date: 4/24/2014, 8:05 AM 11:05 AM
Location: The 8th Grade will be taking the Social Studies STAAR Test today.
8th Grade Science STAAR Test
Date: 4/25/2014, 8:05 AM 11:05 AM
Location: The 8th Grade will be tkaing the Science STAAR Test today.

News and Announcements

GMS District Track Meet Results
7th and 8th Grade Girls Compete in District Track and Field Meet

The Giddings 7th and 8th grade girls competed in the District 26-3A Middle School Championship Track and Field Meet held Saturday, April 5th at Buffalo Stadium in Giddings. The 7th grade girls won second place as a team and the 8th grade girls took 6th place. Individual medals earned by the 7th grade girls were as follows: Keshana Page took 1st in the 100 meter dash, Akyrra Page 6th in the 400 meter dash, Marina Rios 6th in the 800 meter run, Kenia Tello 4th in the 2400 meter run and 5th in the 1600 meter run. In the 100 meter hurdles Shyler Mayfield won 2nd , and Alexia Jones took 1st in the 300 meter hurdles. The 400 meter relay team including Akyrra Page, Shyler Mayfield, .Alexia Jones and Keshana Page took 1st. The 800 meter relay team consisting of Valerie Gonzales, Katelyn Nunes, Madison Goodson and Alexia Jones took 4th. Winning 2nd place in the 1600 meter relay were Akyrra Page, Shyler Mayfield, Madison Goodson and Keshana Page. In long jump Shyler Mayfield took 1st and Alexia Jones took 3rd. Alexia Jones took 1st and Shyler Mayfield took 2nd in triple jump. Ebony Wolridge took 1st in shot put and discus.

Individual medals earned by the 8th grade girls were as follows: Madison Jatzlau 6th in the 100 meter dash, and 4th in the 200 meter dash. Claire Sanchez took 6th in the 1600 meter run and 3rd in the 2400 meter run. The 400 meter relay team consisting of Justina Benson, Madison Jatzlau, Cyerra Ceballos and Cassidy Hardage took 6th. Winning 3rd in the 800 meter relay were Cassidy Hardage, Claire Sanchez, Cyerra Ceballos and Justina Benson. Cassidy Hardage took 5th in high jump and Madison Jatzlau took 4th in long jump.

A big thank you to all the parents and the members of the community that supported our students and athletes as they trained and competed this season.
Upcoming STAAR and Benchmark Testing
The testing schedule for STAAR and Benchmark Testing is as follows:
April 1: Math STAAR (8th), Writing - Day 1STAAR (7th)
April 2: Reading STAAR (8th), Writing - Day 2 STAAR (7th)
April 3: Math STAAR (7th Pre Algebra students only)
April 9: Science (AM) and Social Studies (PM) - (8th) Benchmarks
April 22: Math STAAR (6th & 7th)
April 23: Reading STAAR (6th & 7th)
April 24: Social Studies STAAR (8th)
April 25: Science STAAR (8th)
8th Grade History Fair
GMS students and families enjoyed an 8th Grade History Fair along with the recent Open House. The projects were in conjunction with Mr. Mike Buck's 8th grade history class. The results were as follows:
Best of Show: Melissa Melendez - Rewriting on the Constitution and drawing.
1st Place: Hunter Pleasant - Brain Tanned Buckskin Pants
2nd Place: Dylan Best - Mount Rushmore Sculpture
3rd Place: Jonathan Kovar - History of the Aztecs
4th Place: Kyle Schatte - The Clermont Steam Engine
5th Place: Madeleine Boriack - The Hunley Confederate War Submarine
6th Place (tie): Lucy Pietsch -Monticello Model
6th Place:(tie): Logan Durrenburger -St. Andrew's Church

Congratulations to the winners as well as all entrants for a very impressive, educational and entertaining History Fair!
Keep Your Contact Info Up-To-Date
Due to the recent weather conditions, it has become increasingly important that GISD has your most recent contact information.In the case of a school announcement, an "all-call" message will be distributed to all contact numbers on file. Please help us keep our students and families up-to-date with the lastest district news.
Buy Your 2014 GMS Yearbook Now!
2014 copies of the GMS Yearbook are on sale now! Don't wait! You are only guaranteed to receive a copy if you order now before the deadline. Only a few extra copies will be ordered. PLease bring your payment to Mrs. Higgins in the office. For questions, see or call Ms. Maxwell.
GMS supports LCYC
The Lee County Youth Center located on the old Giddings Elementary School Campus continues to actively serve the youth of Lee County with a variety of after-school activities. The LCYC is open to students Monday-Friday after school. Parents are encouraged to contact Donna Orsag, LCYC coordinator, for rates and more information. Bus transportation is provided for students from school each day to the LCYC.

Be a part of an exciting adventure - join LCYC!