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Ms. Jorgensen's 6th Grade Writing Class

Hi There!!! Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!! I am so happy to be here with your children. We are going to have a wonderful year of learning and having fun.

If you ever need me please call 979-542-2057, my conference period is 2nd period 8:45am - 9:35am . You can also reach me by email at

Thanks - Mrs. Jorgensen


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Welcome to the 5th 6th Weeks of School!!!

Wow, how the time has flown and here we are almost to the end of the year.  The first part of this 6th weeks we will work on informative text and write an essay on an essay we have read. 
Thank You! 

4th Week of 4th 6 Weeks

Hello Parents/Students:
This will be a busy week for my class!  We will write our first persuasive essay on a topic that will make our students think and dig into their own belief system.  Note that on Thursday we will have our weekly grammar test and on Friday we will have our spelling test over Lesson 15 words.  The spelling test comprise of two grades:  1.  Spelling the words correctly which in turn creates a word bank for the fill in the blank portion.   2. Fill in the blank is the knowledge of the meaning of the word.  I always tell my classes, "Why would you want to spell a word if you do not know what it means?"  
Have a great week!
Ms. Jorgensen 

4th 6 Weeks Calendar - Jorgensen

Dear Parents:
We are in our 2nd week of the 5th six weeks!!!  Crazy!!!   I have attached the 4th 6th weeks calendar.  Please be aware that the calendar may change when necessary, however, this is a good thumbnail sketch of what will take place.
Thank you - Bernadette Jorgensen